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The New CD, "Here and Now" has gotten a great review from Leicester Bangs in the UK, check out their Blog. All the CD's are available from Kunaki , Amazon, or CD Baby. You can also download from iTunes as well. No, I'm not planning a UK tour (can't stand long plane rides) but it's nice that I'm popular there.

They say all good things come to an end and I guess that is now. After 25 years of playing with the Missiles we've gone our separate ways. We were one of the great blues bands on the West Coast in the late 80's and 90's. Since I came back to Florida we've done three CD's; me recording here and them adding their parts in LA. To my delight, they have all gone on to greater fame and have been under contract for some time now so I still can't reveal who they are. But from the heart, to Buddy, Pete, and Ernie, thanks for the memories.


 For the Blues fans out there check out barrel house blues. Below is  their review of my latest CD but you'll also see an organization that loves and supports both regional and local blues. Check it out.











Photos check out some photos of recent gigs.

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Harvey Charles has authored his first Novel. Check it out here

Jogging with Giants, it's available from Amazon, Amazon Kindle, and Book Locker as an e-book

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