Jan 2013, note to self; check weather conditions and venue before accepting gig. I almost got  hit by a bus!!!

Some photos of several Nov 2010 gigs in the Carolina's.

Smiley's Acoustic Cafe in Greenville SC.

This is a great place for local music, a very classy cafe. If your are in the

area you must give it a try.

Smokey Joe's Cafe in Charlotte NC.

A really comfortable roadhouse with fireplaces that really make it smoky.

Rev's Coffee is a cool coffeehouse outside Atlanta.

 Met some great people and got to hear some terrific original music from local

songwriters. I'm getting to enjoy coffeehouses more than traditional bars

because the audience is really into music.

Puckett's Farm Equipment in Charlotte NC is

in an old tractor dealership. It is the traditional brick and concrete roadhouse

with great music and a long history. I played here with the house band and we

had a ball burning down the place with Elmore James "Stranger Blues"

among other songs.

Did a set with Paul Douglas Sanner at Dave and Buster's

in Atlanta. He records the sets and puts a video on his web site, so somewhere

I have a video of a Dave and Busters song. This was a fun place but different,

since you don't see the audience when you play, the sound system is set up to

send the sound to where the people are in the next room.

Taking a bow after my second set at the Acoustic

Coffeehouse in Johnson City TN. This is a fun venue with a rich history of

music, the audience was really fun and knowledgeable about their music.

Zakks in Murfreesboro NC- 2009. Coldest place I ever played.

Dunn Bros Coffee in Houston - 2009.